Funding for R&D Projects in Technology and Life Science

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  • We support commercial enterprises with R&D activities and academic research institutions in the acquisition of public and private funding money
  • We provide advice based on the specific regulations of the funding organization and the individual aims of the different funding programs. Particular emphasis is placed on ensuring that the main focus of the proposal is consistent with the overarching mission of the funding organization. We compile on a regular basis an overview on the current funding programs; please contact us when you are interested
  • In the context of grant proposals and beyond we provide support in all aspects of clinical research issues.
  • In cooperation with our highly proficient partners from different European countries we offer scientific, financial, legal and administrative consultancy in strategic planning of reorganization and establishing of new research institutions and research departments in academia or commercial enterprises

“The art of ‘grantmanship’ will not turn mediocre science into a fundable grant proposal. But poor ‘grantsmanship’ will, and often does, turn very good science into an unfundable grant proposal. Good writing will save good ideas, but bad writing can kill good ones.

Jack Kraicer, former Director of Research Grants at HFSP