Funding for R&D Projects in Technology and Life Science

Public and Private Funding

  • The process of the Acquisition of Funding Money and Project Implementation can be divided into 3 modules. Each module can be booked individually for consulting.

Module 1: Support in writing the grant proposal
(This concerns the period before the grant is reviewed by external experts)

  • Identification of suitable funding programs for your project, considering programs from the Bund (Federal Ministries), the Länder (State Ministries), the EU and private foundations
  • Evaluation of your project ideas relative to the goals of the funding program
  • Support in identifying suitable partners from pharma, biotechnology or academia
  • Support in conception and writing of your grant proposal with special emphasis on the aims and the guidelines of the funding organization and the review criteria


Module 2: Preparation of the documents for obtaining grant money
(This is the period after initial review of the grant proposal by external experts and/or by the funding organization)

  • Preparation of the comprehensive set of documents required to make your grant proposal eligible for obtaining funding:
    • Compilation of the formal documents (AZK, AZA, etc.), project description and the financial plan with the necessary explanations
    • Assembly of the company-relevant documentations
  • Consulting with respect to the legal aspects and requirements of project funding


Module 3: Management of funded research projects
(This module reflects the period during and after project funding)

  • Administrative management of the research project
  • Administrative coordination of research consortia with several partners
  • Communication with the project partners and the funding organization with respect to time-lines, reports, progress meetings
  • Organization of consortia meetings
  • Generation of protocols, interim- and final reports for the funding organization or for internal use
  • Final accounting of the funded project


Clinical Studies

  • Experienced experts provide advice and active support in the performance and evaluation of clinical trials phase I-III in the following areas:
    • Trial design: designing the protocol, planning and preparing interim and final clinical trial reports
    • Data handling: verification, statistical analysis, preparation for the trial reports
    • Drug safety aspects
    • Interaction with ethical committees
    • Interaction with regulatory authorities


Business Plans

  • Writing of business plans
    • To support young entrepreneurs in starting spin-off companies
  • Evaluation of business plans
    • For investors or accountants


"…the difference between success and failure often results, not just from the quality of the science, but from the quality of the grant application. In all probability, the quality of science of the applications in the 10% below the cut-off for funding by an agency is not significantly different from that in the 10% just above the cut-off. 'Grantsmanship' can make the difference".

Jack Kraicer, former Director of Research Grants at HFSP